13 July 2006


I’m excited, but at the same time, until Bababozorg comes downstairs, I’m scared to leave the house and miss my bag.

So far today, I’ve put my pictures into a folder to burn to a CD, but now that I know my bag is coming soon for sure, I’ll wait because there are more pictures I want to print in it. But I already have 187 pictures picked out. I don’t have enough money to print them. What’s the best place to print digital images?

I’ve made the sharbat for the faloodeh, and so now that my starch is coming, I can probably make it after my orthodontist appointment.

I will upload my pictures, soon. It just takes a while.

Still No Bag

13 July 2006

I’m still waiting for my bag.

It has my CD of photos in it, which means unless I want to go print photos twice, I have to keep putting it off. It also has my rice (?) starch in it, so I can’t make faloodeh until it comes, or I’d have to go buy more starch.

I’m sore today. I listened to Dad and stretched yesterday, so this is annoying.

My hair’s exploded from the humidity. Oh how I missed it! Though I realized yesterday how nice the smell of fresh cut grass is. It’s not a smell I smelled often in the last month. Outside here smells like going away to Mamanzari and Bababozorg’s garden, possibly even cleaner since its not right off of a highway.

I’m Back!

12 July 2006

I’m back home.  The only bad thing is I’ll have to wear my grimy bra again tomorrow.  My suitcase liked London so much it didn’t make the plane today. Since it isn’t lost, I should hopefully get it tomorrow.

Other than my notebook getting all sticky from some unknown substance in the seatback pocket of my first flight, my flights went pretty well.

I watched three and a half movies today. Possibly nearly a record for me. I watched The Benchwarmers on the first flight, She’s The Man, then fell asleep halfway through Ice Age 2 (it would have been around midnight in Tehran at that point, and I’d gotten up at 4:30, so it made sense), and then watched Take The Lead (I think that was the name. The dance movie with Antonio Banderas.)

It’s 9:01, and I’m ready for bed. All my arrival energy wore off standing waiting for my suitcase.

Which one is which?

8 June 2006

One of the things I'm supposed to get done today is make photocopies of my passports, birth certificate,visas, and tickets.

 But other than the passports, I can't figure out what is what! And I don't even see the tickets.

 And my suitcase isn't closed yet. I'm behind schedule!  But that is part of the reason I made sure Thursday remained open no matter what. 

Thursday, June 8, 2006
Chicago: 5:37 PM _ Tehran: 2:07 AM (Friday)
The stressful part has set in. My flight is in approximately three and a half hours, and other than some documentation, my wallet, and some other stuff Mom's currently looking for (and Dad too). But I finally have contact information written down, which makes me feel more secure. But since I mentioned that they told me to take Bababozorg's credit card and they can't find it, they're searching for it, but not having any luck.
Dad just said "Let's go." I really hope everything goes smoothly.

I should probably be packing instead of counting down the hours. That would be a smarter idea, wouldn’t it?

I think I might be starting to get nervous.

4 More Days!

4 June 2006

I'm  preparing this.

Hopefully I'll be able to add posts and edit while I'm there.