I’m Back!

12 July 2006

I’m back home.  The only bad thing is I’ll have to wear my grimy bra again tomorrow.  My suitcase liked London so much it didn’t make the plane today. Since it isn’t lost, I should hopefully get it tomorrow.

Other than my notebook getting all sticky from some unknown substance in the seatback pocket of my first flight, my flights went pretty well.

I watched three and a half movies today. Possibly nearly a record for me. I watched The Benchwarmers on the first flight, She’s The Man, then fell asleep halfway through Ice Age 2 (it would have been around midnight in Tehran at that point, and I’d gotten up at 4:30, so it made sense), and then watched Take The Lead (I think that was the name. The dance movie with Antonio Banderas.)

It’s 9:01, and I’m ready for bed. All my arrival energy wore off standing waiting for my suitcase.

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