I know the perfect summertime meal!

9 July 2006

Mom told me that Uncle Larry was expecting me to make dinner next Friday when we see him for the usual Friday night dinner.
So I’ve been thinking about what to make that would allow me to go out during the day and still have time to cook, and since Uncle Larry’s kitchen is better for cooking with other people around, could be easily transported and made at his house. In addition, I wanted something that if the weather was hot would not put anyone into a food coma.
So I have the solution: Kuku Kedoo for dinner and Faloodeh for dessert. The faloodeh has to be made ahead of time, and kuku is probably the quickest thing I’ve learned with only about 30 minutes of cooking time. And in my opinion, with the squash, is perfect for summer.

Faloodeh will make Dad excited, and me since while it is still one of those things that is yummier away from the house, it was still yummy homemade. Which made it very hard to believe that Ame Fereshteh had never made it before, and figured it out just so I could go home and make it. We had fun trying to make the strands though, since at first it came out as goop. But other than the sharbat she made for it turning out too sweet, it was really good. When I get home, I just have to play with the sharbat and finding something to push it through, and it’ll be perfect.

Friday night I went to آب سرد, (Ab Sard, literally “Cold Water”) or right outside of it, to a family friend’s villa. It was really beautiful. Inside the walls there were a couple of villas, and the first one that belonged to someone else, was a mix of old an new that was gorgeous and amusing at the same time. Such as the outdoor bathroom that was in this hut that you would never expect to house working plumbing, with a really old door. Since we were stuck in traffic and didn’t get there until nine, we stayed up until (actually, I stayed up until 1, I’m not sure about everyone else since I was the first asleep) and left in the morning. When we got back to Tehran (which took an hour, which was almost 3 hours less than it took to get there), Ame Farideh, Bababozorg, and I went rug shopping for a rug for Granma Bunny. We found one. It’s really pretty and I hope she likes it.
Then we went to Tavazo, to get the nuts we were missing and so I could get some packaged lavashak.
Ame Farideh mentioned kabob, and I said the kabob place I like where they made the kabab on one side and the lavash on the other was closed, according to Solmaz, and that’s why I hadn’t had any. I described it and she said it moved.
Where it used to be there’s a pizza place now, and its over a bit in a more discreet, but larger space. It looks fancier now, with the big pots for making khalim in the winter, and it has one of the more modern, easier to use, more efficient tanoors now, not the older-styled smaller one they used to have that I was amused watching. But it was still good.

In the afternoon, I went to Ame Fereshteh’s, where we made faloodeh, she carved a watermelon into a flower, and taught me that even when accidents happen they can be salvaged. I helped her with her little bundles for a bit too while she was in the shower and I was waiting for my clothes to dry and the faloodeh to harden. I put all my stuff in my suitcase and came over to Babazorg’s around 9.
I was going to watch the football (soccer, whatever, this is confusing me now) game, but I fell asleep on the couch half an hour before it started.

This morning I packed my suitcase, but a couple things don’t fit, and I need to charge all my batteries (camera, phone, etc) so I can finish packing those. I’m spending the night at Amu Farhad’s tonight, so the only chance other than today I’ll get to do any packing is probably a couple of hours Monday night, and I’m getting up at four probably on Tuesday morning, (which is still Monday in the US), so I don’t want to leave much for Monday night. Though if I do forgot anything, it would only be 3 months until I could get it back, though it could be forgotten then too.

One Response to “I know the perfect summertime meal!”

  1. Uncle Larry Says:

    Uncle Larry is most anxious to sample his nieces’ new culinary creations and happily will turn his kitchen over to Mar. Both the uncle and father have agreed to help in prep area (as in take orders from Mar).
    Look forward to seeing you. Give your grandparents a hug from your aunt and me.

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