Yesterday’s Post Cont. (or What I did between Wednesday afternoon and now)

7 July 2006

Wednesday afternoon I went over to Naghmeh’s. She made the batter for nun panjeriyi (literally Window Bread), which are these fried batter things that are hard to explain and I don’t have a picture of with me right now. Well I do, but not on the computer, and since the computer and I are getting along I don’t want to do anything to jeapardize our relationship, such as having more than one thing open at once. For the sweets though, you heat up a stamp-like thing that’s on the end of a stick in hot oil, then dip it in the batter for five seconds, place it back in the hot oil, and you end up with these thin crisps that you then sprinkle with powdered sugar mixed with vanilla powder.

While I was finishing them up, Naghmeh was in the shower, and her phone rang. I have problems with phones and cell phones here for some reason. It was my cousin Arezoo, so I decided to pick up, but accidentally hung up. She was at my grandparent’s house, so Naghmeh gave me a plate to put some of the treats on, and I walked over to Mamanzari’s. I felt bad leaving Naghmeh’s kitchen in the state it was.

Arezoo and I talked for a bit, and had dinner, a yummy خوراک Bababozorg made (essentially vegetables, meat (in this case chicken), and potatoes in one pot). When Arezoo left, she dropped me off at Ame Fereshteh’s, and we made plans for lunch on Thursday.

At Ame Fereshteh’s there was company for Naghmeh, work-related. I’d already eaten, so I said hi, excused myself and went to call Mom. The phone cards were acting really weird. I finally managed to call Mom, but then neither phone card worked (though both had money on them) when I tried to call Granma. I eventually got fed up and was too tired to stay up and watch the France v. Portugal game like I wanted to, helped set the table, and went to bed.

Thursday morning, Ame Fereshteh had to go to Tajrish to get some stuff to finish what she’s working on (she sets up weddings, and she’s making the little pouches that are given to the guests). She needed these little sugar things, fabric, ribbon, and a few other things. Arezoo was ready around 11:15, so she called before Ame Fereshteh and I were done. Ame Fereshteh handed me off to Arezoo and continued her shopping. While I was at the bazaar with Ame though, I managed to find نان خرما (date bread) that was fresh and really yummy. I was going to get a different bread (نان تا فتون), but they weren’t making it for another 30 minutes.

Arezoo was ready early because her mother (Zanamu Mina) and grandmother were joining us, and Zanamu Mina was hungry.
We got to lunch around noon. The place was Shandiz, which is a Mazandaran Kabob place. We had shishleek (I think its lamb). They had a tanoor, so that also meant yummy bread.
During lunch, Zanamu told me she was taking me to Baghe Gohl for the afternoon. As much as I like Baghe Gol, I didn’t want to go because I already had my afternoon planned (and Mamanzari had made me pomegrante ash that is too heavy to eat late at night). Instead I went back to Mamanzari’s so I could go get the pictures from Ame Farideh and help her fill out her visa form. I’m not sure why me.. the form is in French and Farsi, and I’m better with the Farsi than the French, but not enough to fill out an official document obviously.

I spent the night here (my grandparents) and this morning Bababozorg and I went to the Jomeh Bazaar (its in a parking garage every Friday). I liked it better the first time I went, with my aunt. I also left my wad of money on the bed when I switched pants, so I had to get money from Bababozorg once we got there.

Then we came back here around 10. Since then I’ve been… well, not really doing much.

This afternoon we’re going to one of their friends places in Damavand, I think. It’s supposed to be nice.

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