And the “I forgots” and “there just isn’t time” begin

6 July 2006

6 nights, 4 days, and counting…

I’ve been back in Tehran since Monday afternoon (our flight was delayed, or it would have been at noon.)

As soon as I got back, I sat down with a piece of paper, a pen, and a pencil, and wrote out the days remaining. There were 7 then. I decided to not let anything overlap and have days where I sat down and did nothing.

Of course, there were those unexpected factors I couldn’t take into account.

On Tuesday Ame Fereshteh taught me how to make omelet-e panner (onions, homemade cheese, and egg) and khoroshte ghemeh. That afternoon, Kiana, the girl my age I’ve been supposed to see since I got here, came over. I felt bad because I’m sure she would have had more fun if she’d been with her own friends. My language skills and shyness make the conversation dull.> “So, what do you usually do when you aren’t in school?” >”Hang out with my friends. My friends and I go out to eat, go to the movies…” > “Me too. Sort of, well, yeah. Never mind.”

Naghmeh took us to Tajrish Bazaar (she was ready to go home, she was tired, but Ame Fereshteh kind of made her agree) and then out to dinner. Dinner was at a place near the mountains that had 5 levels, going up the side of the cliff. That was pretty cool.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I got up at 6:30, showered, walked to get some fresh Nan Barbari (stood in line because they were selling faster than they were making them) and brought it to Bababozorg and Mamanzari for breakfast. Bababozorg and I then walked to a bank, took a car to another, and then a car to the metro station. We then took the metro to the Bazaar-e Farsh (Rug Bazaar) to look for a rug for Granma Bunny. We were not successful. We got some seeds, and then took the metro back and a bus.

On the metro, Bababzborg said we’d go on the women’s car because it wasn’t as crowded. I told him he was a guy, and he said it didn’t matter. Of course it did. A couple of stops later a policemen told him to get off. He didn’t want to, I told him to go and I’d stay where it was less crowded, I knew where to get off. He finally did, but he wasn’t happy about it. A nice lady named Zahra whose birthday it was befriended me. She kept remarking on how well I spoke Farsi. I managed to get off on the right stop (it was the last) and just waited against the wall until I saw Bababzborg. Other than the crowdedness, I liked the metro. The bus was separated too, but it was old and creaky and the railing I was holding on to didn’t stay in place as we went over bumps.

I’d keep writing, but I’m tired, just noticed its ten, and I still have to call Mom.

One Response to “And the “I forgots” and “there just isn’t time” begin”

  1. Mom of Runaway Says:

    sounds like a pretty cool day–glad you called and dad says hello and he misses you.

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