Leaving Isfahan

3 July 2006

(I still haven’t made up my mind on which spelling I like better.)

 My flight back to Tehran is in a couple of hours. I just finished breakfast. Mom would be glad to know I’m able to eat again.

Yesterday afternoon my aunts, Bababozorg and I walked back to Nagshe-Jahaan Square to go to Majed-e Shah (the king’s mosque). Which was quite pretty, and if you stand in the middle of the part with the dome and talk or clap or whatever, its emphasized and echoed throughout. It was pretty neat.

Because Friday prayers are still held there, they have tarps covering the courtyard of the mosque, which takes away from a lot of its beauty.

After that I bought some chocolate covered gaz from Sekeh, because I like it and figured I could have it for my friends then.

We came back to the hotel and had dinner in the courtyard. After dinner, I bought stamps and then had treated my family to faloodeh, but I guess since Bababozorg’s the one giving me money in the first place it doesn’t really count. I was happy to have my second faloodeh ever, and glad that I had the appetite to eat it. It was delicious. I ate it with two spoons, one for Dad. No more faloodeh for at least another year probably.

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