Isfahan in Pictures

2 July 2006


1. The hotel is beautiful. Just take a look at the room we ate breakfast in, and that isn’t even the prettiest part.

2. Bababozorg making decisions at the bazaar yesterday.

3. The details in old bathhouses is incredible. 4. As are the faucets.

5. This morning Bababozorg remembered his video camera. He took advantage of that to take pictures at Chehel Setoon. (40 columns, there are really only twenty, but there’s a reflection pool outside of it. The picture wouldn’t upload though.)

6. The inside of Masjed Jame (Friday Mosque.) The round columns are part of the original, which was built during the time of the Seljuks, but the square ones are much newer, replacing ones that were bombed during the Iran-Iraq war.

7. Magnificent detial on the outside of Majed Jame.

8. An Armenian Church. It’s really gorgeous on the inside, completly covered in paintings depicting stories, but you can’t take pictures in there.

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